Google Pixel Buds vs Samsung Buds

If you are looking for a new set of truly wireless earbuds, and you are not in it must be from apple, you are probably wondering how Samsung and Google’s latest true wireless earbuds compare. Well, look no further, you have got all the major specs and features right here.

In this post we will compare Google Pixel Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds

Google Pixel Buds Overview

Workout without the wires when you use these wireless Google Pixel Buds earbuds. Sensors in each bud detect your voice and eliminate background noise so you can take and make clear calls, and water resistance makes these in-ear headphones the ideal fitness buddy. With Google Assistant built right in, these white Google Pixel Buds earbuds help you check the weather or search your contact list with just a tap.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Overview

Upgrade your audio entertainment with these Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbud Headphones. Optimized drivers offer enveloping bass and a wide range of sounds, while Bluetooth technology makes for convenient wireless connectivity. These Samsung Galaxy Buds earbuds feature adaptive dual microphones that help enhance speech clarity regardless of surrounding noises and an ergonomic, compact design for exceptional comfort and portability.

Key Features

Google Pixel BudsSamsung Galaxy Buds
Adaptive soundGet up to 13 hours* of battery life when you are on the go
Convenient translator in your earIPX2 splash-resistant technology
True wireless headphonesAndroid and iOS compatible
Rechargeable batteryTruly-wireless headphones
Speed chargeBuilt-in microphone
Sweat- and water-resistantBluetooth 5.0 interface
Hands-free calls with built-in microphoneIn-ear design
Use your voice in everyday tasks
Bluetooth 5.0 interface
Comfort for your ears
Wireless charging
Simply find your earbuds

Technical Specification

ModelGoogle Pixel BudsSamsung Galaxy Buds
Key Specs
Noise Cancelling (Active)
Sound Mode
Connection TypeWireless


Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth


True WirelessYes


Maximum Wireless Range
Built-In MicrophoneYes


Carrying CaseYes

Headphone FitIn-Ear


Adjustable Headband
Battery Life5 hours

6 hours

Battery Charge Time
Product NamePixel Buds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbud Headphones


Model NumberGA01470-US


ColorClearly White


Color CategoryWhiteBlack
Noise Cancelling (Active)
Sound IsolatingYesNo
Minimum Frequency Response
Maximum Frequency Response
Sound Mode
Driver Size12 millimeters
Connection TypeWireless


Wireless ConnectivityBluetoothBluetooth
True WirelessYesYes
Bluetooth Version5.0Other
Maximum Wireless Range
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseYesYes
ControlsCall, Track selection, Voice assistant, Volume

Call, Track selection, Volume

Maximum Talk Time12 hours
6 hours
Stand-By Time0.8 days
Headphone FitIn-Ear
Adjustable Headband
Battery Life5 hours

6 hours

Battery Charge Time2.2 hours
Charging Interface(s)USB Type C


Google Pixel Buds

There are a ton of truly wireless earbuds out there but not all of them integrate voice assistance quite as well as the google pixel buds. Pixel buds still stand out as the template for how Google assistants should be implemented especially on audio products this is not to discredit the new pixel buds. Improved ability to recognize the word a feature made possible by really good microphones that do a good job for that task but also for voice and video calls that might be very common right now.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung galaxy has recently launched the wireless earbuds. It has got better sound quality, voice quality, and providing a long battery life. They are also cheaper. It has got interchangeable ear tips and ear hooks. They sit very well in the ear canal.


Google Pixel Buds

The google pixel earbuds do have really good water resistance, they will certainly work well in the workout environment or for brisk walks. It is small and light and supposed to sound really nice and fit in your ear very comfortably. It allows us to pair very simply with Android devices with a stand-alone app that allows us to change somethings, but it got some touch controls and outside swiping for volume control tapping for track control and then for Google assistant.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds detects automatically when the earbuds are taken out. The pairing stuff is very easy in the galaxy buds. In terms of connectivity, it comes with an app, apps are pre-installed in the latest Samsung phones. The app gives a lot of settings and shows the battery percentage as well. The earbuds as got touchpads in them. The battery life depends upon the usage.


Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds have massively improved from the last version. The case is shaped like an egg there’s no way around it. Its always the same even for different colored buds, the color you buy only applies to the bud, not to the case. It comes with a leather nomad case. It comes with a button in the lower back of the case to trigger pairing mode to connect these buds to just about anything. The case comes with a very strong magnetic slot so that the buds won’t wall off in vibration.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds have got a pill-shaped earbud case, with USB Type-C ports. It also supports wireless charging. It has also got LED lights in the case. Samsung Galaxy Buds have got interchangeable ear tips and ear hooks. It sits very well well in the ear canal. Samsung galaxy earbuds have a secondary rubber plastic component to secure more in the ear canal. It is very small and light in weight and chunky. It is so light that you will forget its there.


Google Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds come with a couple of key features that make them comfortable pairs, first off wingtips. This feature helps keep the buds in one’s ear without falling off out at even the slightest shakes, Secondly, there is a vent that helps get some air in a little bit, like the AirPods pro which reduces the plugged feeling that most of the earbuds give to the users. The Google Pixel Buds have really good water resistance, even though it is not recommended to use google pixel buds to use in showers. It will work certainly well in the workout environment or for the brisk walk outside. The Google Pixel buds are really light earbuds, that will basically feel like they are not there now. As like many earbuds, Google pixel buds also allows you to use one bud at a time.No matter which earbud you use, you will get the different controls based on which side you use in.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds with good Bluetooth connectivity. It has got an app to adjust the settings as well as to check for the battery percentage. The apps come preinstalled in the latest Samsung phones. Samsung galaxy earbuds have got touchpads over the earbuds, so that music, a volume such kinds of stuff can be changed using it. It has got an ambient sound feature, which allows hearing ambient sound, even though it is not super effective. These earbuds work really seamlessly with almost any device.


Google Pixel Buds

The bass in the google pixel buds is not as booming as they are in the elite active 75t, even though your ears can still satisfyingly perceive them unlike what the galaxy buds plus, which have worse low-frequency responses. Voice tends to be the priority with earbuds made by phone manufacturers, that is indeed the case with google pixel buds. Google pixel buds come with active noise cancellation since there is no ANC these buds don’t totally block the outside world from coming in. So if the volume is low enough, you can basically hear people around you without the need for amplified pass-through.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Sound quality is one of the important things to consider in the earbuds. The sound quality in the Samsung Galaxy Buds with mid-tones and vocals does a very good job. In terms of high tones and trebles, the Samsung galaxy buds are not that sharp. When it comes to bass which is overall an important thing, it was pretty lacking. However, the sound quality performs very well better than the earlier Samsung earbuds.


Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds come with a convenient wireless charging case. It also got a USB C charging cable. The battery life is not that good, it could have been better. It takes 45 minutes of charging times. Google is working around to improve battery performance.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

In terms of battery life, Samsung is getting things right. Battery life depends upon the usage, how long you use, high volume, and other stuff. The Samsung galaxy bud gets roughly about 5 hours before the battery is dead. However, the case charges it back.


If you are looking for google assistant it is better to use google pixel buds, which have got a lot of features. If you are looking in terms of battery, then there is no doubt, go with Samsung buds, which have high battery life compared to the google pixel buds. considering overall features and beneficial to everyday life then google pixel buds are gonna be the better option.