Google Pixel Buds vs Sony WF-1000X M3

Comparison of Google Pixel Buds and Sony WF-1000X M3, which is the better wireless Bluetooth earphone? Google Pixel Buds and Sony WF-1000X M3 are both wireless Bluetooth earphones with unique features each. With the following comparison review let us see which is the best buy and worth the price.

In this post we will compare Google Pixel Buds vs Sony WF-1000X M3

Google Pixel Buds Overview

Workout without the wires when you use these wireless Google Pixel Buds earbuds. Sensors in each bud detect your voice and eliminate background noise so you can take and make clear calls, and water resistance makes these in-ear headphones the ideal fitness buddy. With Google Assistant built right in, these white Google Pixel Buds earbuds help you check the weather or search your contact list with just a tap.

Sony WF-1000X M3 Overview

Get peace and quiet anywhere with these Sony truly wireless noise-cancelling earbuds. An advanced HD noise-cancelling processor blocks distracting background noise so you can focus in noisy environments, and Bluetooth connectivity ensures easy use with smartphones and other devices. These Sony truly wireless noise-cancelling earbuds include a convenient charging case that offers up to 24 hours of use per charge.

Key Features

Google Pixel BudsSony WF-1000X M3
Adaptive soundHD noise-cancelling processor QN1e
Convenient translator in your earDual Noise Sensor technology
True wireless headphonesExceptional sound quality
Rechargeable batteryTruly wireless design
Speed chargeUp to 24 hours of listening
Sweat- and water-resistantQuick charging when you need it
Hands-free calls with built-in microphoneIntegrated voice assistant
Use your voice in everyday tasksAmazing listening with new Bluetooth® 5.0 chip
Bluetooth 5.0 interfacePerfect for TV shows, movies and more
Comfort for your earsEarbuds stay snug and secure
Wireless chargingErgonomic tri-hold structure
Simply find your earbudsEasy hands-free calling
Touch controls

Technical Specification

ModelGoogle Pixel BudsSony WF-1000X M3
Key Specs
Noise Cancelling (Active)Yes
Sound ModeStereo
Connection TypeWireless


Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth


True WirelessYes


Maximum Wireless Range
30 feet

Built-In MicrophoneYes


Carrying CaseYes


Headphone FitIn-Ear


Adjustable Headband
Battery Life5 hours

6 hours

Battery Charge Time
1.5 hours
Product NamePixel Buds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones



Model NumberGA01470-US


ColorClearly White


Color CategoryWhiteBlack
Noise Cancelling (Active)Yes
Sound IsolatingYesYes
Minimum Frequency Response20 hertz

Maximum Frequency Response20 kilohertz

Sound ModeStereo
Driver Size12 millimeters
6 millimeters
Connection TypeWireless


Wireless ConnectivityBluetoothBluetooth
True WirelessYesYes
Bluetooth Version5.05.0
Maximum Wireless Range30 feet
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseYesYes
ControlsCall, Track selection, Voice assistant, Volume

Call, Track selection, Voice assistant

Maximum Talk Time12 hours
4 hours
Stand-By Time0.38 days
Headphone FitIn-Ear
Adjustable Headband
Battery Life5 hours

6 hours

Battery Charge Time1.5 hours
Charging Interface(s)USB Type C
USB Type C


Google Pixel Bud

The Pixel buds are wireless headphones from Google which comes with a nice compact case. The size of the Pixel buds is quite small and has an easy grip. You can make the best use of the features of these buds through Pixel Buds Application.

Sony WF-1000X M3

Sony WF-1000X M3 is in the same family as popular and well-received over-ear headphones of Sony with a similar brand name. These have active noise cancellation similar to larger headphones. Thus this can be a better replacement or better go too, instead of bigger headphones.


Google Pixel Buds

It looks really nice, has a very low-profile, and is slim. It doesn’t protrude out and also doesn’t have anything hanging down. It has a little wing on the top for extra security. It is launched in white color; however black orange and mint are coming soon. It has matte coloring to it.

Sony WF-1000X M3

Its colour is blackened copper. It has hard plastics with nice narrow edges and rubber or silicone grips right where your ear touches the earphones. It has matte finish to it which makes it look really classy.


Google Pixel Buds

The opening and closing of the lid has a nice locking mechanism. You can also close it and open it with just one quick little flick with one hand. It has magnets on the inside, so we don’t have to worry about the buds flying out. It’s matte coloring, not only looks sleek it deters fingerprints and deter scratches. So overall no fingerprints or scratches show up on the case. It has a USBC slot for charging but it will also wirelessly charge and that is how you charge your earbuds within the case, you can set it down on a wireless charger or plug it in. There is a button for pairing to a non-Android device in the case. Fast pair works really well with these. It’s very convenient; just open the lid it’ll connect automatically. Case does hold a total of 24 hours of charge.

Sony WF-1000X M3

There’s a magnet that pulls the earphones in. There is LED light on the front and NFC logo that indicates that you can pair it up just by touch. It is charged by USBC. Earphones get an additional three charges from the case.


Google Pixel Buds

It is the most comfortable and secure fitting earbuds. It also has a vent on the outside which doesn’t give you the feeling of your ears being plugged at all. It doesn’t allow more sound in from the outside so it’s easier to have conversations. They are sweatproof.

Sony WF-1000X M3

It is not water resistance. Sony claims there are three points of touch. It does not go out of the ear for the most normal actions. It Is very comfortable.


Google Pixel Buds

Pixel buds has a companion app. It has great Google assistant integration within the app. With the Google assistant you can customize it, voice-activate, you can have it read your notifications, you can have it send a message to a specific person. Buds also have touch controls but you cannot customize them. Ear detection is another feature that detects when your buds are out it’ll stop the music and resume it when buds are back on your ear. So it will automatically play went in and pause went out You can use one earbud at a time. Adaptive sound is a feature that you can turn on and off to optimize volume based on environmental noise. What adaptive sound will do is when you turn this on its automatically going to adjust the volume on the earbuds based on the environmental sound around you. You can also take advantage of Google’s translation. It has simple storage and charging. It also has dual microphones for clear audio and two microphones to minimize background noise and clearly capture your voice. So there is a microphone at the top and at the bottom. Assistant can respond on your headphones even if your phone is locked. Find the device is another cool feature, which helps you to find the earbuds if you lose them. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, so if you are in your house you can use these earbuds within three different rooms of your phone. So you could walk up to three rooms away and still use these. If you are outdoors you could walk up to a football field away and you would still have a connection to the earbuds.

Sony WF-1000X M3

It has touch control and has a companion app. Auto pause; take any one of these Earphones off and your music stops you put them back into your ear and it resumes it Each earphone is connected to the phone helping to create a much more stable connection. It can pair to two devices at the same time.WF 1000x only has SBC and an AC Active noise-canceling feature eliminates a lot of the airiness and ambient air around you. Air conditioners in the office, cars driving by, and a light breeze are practically gone. Adaptive sound control in the app detects your actions and automatically adjusts how to take in the ambient sounds. This is a type of audio processor that aims to take lower fidelity audio and enhance it. It has Google Assistant built-in.


Google Pixel Buds

Battery life is 5 hours of usage with the pixel buds. Case holds a total of 24 hours of charge. 10 minutes inside the case will give you about 2 hours of consistent playback so not terrible in terms of the fast charging capabilities considering it only has 5 hours of battery life. When you use them and put them in the case you can recharge it four times. You can charge your earbud in the case while on the go. Case can be charged when earbuds are being used.

Sony WF-1000X M3

Sony WF-1000X M3 has six hours of battery life and you get an additional three charges from the case that’s charged by USB C in total you’re getting up to 24hours of battery power. To fully recharge these earphones it takes only an hour and a half.10 minute quick charge gives you 90 minutes of play. With noise canceling on the max, listening time is around 6 hours, and then if you turn the noise canceling off that run time goes up to 8 hours.

Earphone Buds

Google Pixel Buds

Two different sizes of buds (Large and Small) is given with medium size bud already installed in the earphone. It’s really important that you have the right fit so the buds can sound as best as possible

Sony WF-1000X M3

6 pairs of earbuds are given which are made of two different types of materials, i.e. Rubber material and Foam type. Any buds of preferable size and material can be chosen for the best experience of sound.

Audio Performances

Google Pixel Buds

Listening to music in these is a good experience. The sound quality is good. But bass needs a little bit more of a boost. Since there’s no EQ setting, it cannot be customized according to our taste and need.

Sony WF-1000X M3

Stereo separation is very apparent on these and it does help with the audio immersion. Mid-range is very pronounced. If you decide to boost it within the equalizer, the vocals in mid-range, in general, get brighter. It’s the same for the high frequencies, it is not ear piercing or screeching. Even at high volumes, the upper end sounds to be capped off to prevent distortion but at the same time, the high frequencies don’t sound to be suppressed.

Which to Buy?

The review of the products shows that both the products have similar features. But Sony WF-1000X M3 is a better buy because of its Equalizer feature, which allows us to boost the music according to our taste. It also has better audio performance.