Megaman Zero 4 Cheats & Codes – USA & Europe

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Inti Creates and Natsume developed a video game called Megaman Zero 4 and published in 2005 by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld. It is the fourth and final part of the Mega Man Zero subseries of the Mega Man franchise and is set several months after the events of Mega Man Zero 3. The game deals with the rule of Dr. Weil over Neo Arcadia, in which humans, who have been reduced to second-rate citizen, begin to flee in large numbers to the last known living place on the earth, Area Zero, starting a war between the two classes. Zero and the Resistance are ultimately motivated by the consequences of this war to defend Area Zero and its people from Dr. Weil.

Megaman Zero 4 Cheats & Codes – All the cheat codes available for USA players and also Europe players (Game Boy or Emulator)

Megaman Zero 4 Cheats & Codes – USA

Enjoy the master code and tons of cheats & codes  ( USA)

Master Code

  • 91A2EC7C8827
  • 04E3A8A3D00F
  • 85DCEB037D80
  • Access all Modes: FE95DE3CE751
  • Have all EX Skills: 7F153D5818FE
  • Access all Areas: 3066232411B4
  • Infinite Lives: 7285257E4203
  • Infinite Health: DB8A17C66F5D
  • Invincible: CB9876CE7FC1
  • Infinite Crystals: FF8D195A7A4A

Acess all Mini Games: use the codes

  • CBEA11C3EC6C
  • 79F344B18806
  • 7AD375F647C3

Database Complete: use the codes

  • C36EA75539BA
  • 7B9FF3975FE1

All the head, body and also foot chips

Have all chips: use the codes

  • 8524CC5D3898
  • 6B9BB0935CED

Infinite Dash: use the codes

  • 66F5E83FC6A3
  • 994A9780395C

Quick Charge: use the codes

  • 8C825EE77766
  • 571AAFD68B8D

Multi Jump: use the codes

  • 5EC65F664743
  • 5EAABBF705CB
  • 5EC65F664743
  • F3158148BA38

Have all Elves: use the codes

  • 8DD4FC0A7CE2
  • 9DD4BD8A6CEF

Have all Parts: use the codes

  • 380D1568C2E1
  • 63BFA297DFAD

Have all Chips: use the codes

  • 8524CC5D3898
  • 6B9BB0935CED

All the head, body and also foot chips

Have all Subtanks: use the codes

  • D3E0878EEF3D
  • 7A9BF5B254E1

Megaman Zero 4 Cheats & Codes – Europe

Enjoy the master code and tons of cheats & codes  ( Europe)

Master Code

46047724 C359
000029B5 000A
10026998 0007

  • Invulnerability: 32036694 0002
  • Unlimited Health: 320366A4 0020
  • Unlimited Crystals: 820366BA 270F
  • Access All Areas: 8202E8B6 FFFF
  • Access All Modes: 82000A80 3831
  • Unlimited Lives: 32035910 0009
  • Have All EX Skills: 320366CA 00FF

Database Complete: use the cheats

42000A70 FFFF
00000007 0002

Have All Chips: use the cheats

42035900 FFFF
00000004 0002

All the head, body and also foot chips

Have All Elves: use the cheats

320366F0 0007
320366F5 0000

Have All Parts: use the cheats

420358C8 9999
0000000D 0002

Have All Subtanks: use the cheats

420366BC 2020
00000002 0002

Unlimited Dash: use the cheats

7203673A 0001
3203673A 00FE

Multi Jump: use the cheats

D0000020 0001
82036660 FB40
D0000020 0001
82036662 FFFF

Quick Charge: use the cheats

720366E4 0606
820366E4 C8C8

Megaman Zero 4 Cheats & Codes – How to use Cheats

Depends on the device you play from:

Game Boy: You have to buy a physical codebreaker device if you want to use the codes we have provided you

Emulator: You can input the codes by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar.