Mini Militia Cheats & Chat Codes

Mini Militia or scientific Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is a popular multiplayer game a lumpy stick shooter and can be played online and offline. There are a lot of rows and weaponries in the game. Real players will try to win game fair&square but what if someone wants to cheat? So here in this post we will provide you all of the Mini Militia Cheats & Chat Codes:God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Nitro, Free Weapons, the Pro Pack…

Experience intense multiplayer fighting using local wifi or with up to 6 players online. In offline training, co-op and survival modes, practise with the Sarge and sharpen your abilities. Fire a number of styles of weapons, including sniper, shotgun, and flamethrower. Explosive online and local multiplayer warfare features! Intuitive controls for dual stick shooting. Open world maps for prolonged vertical flight, using rocket boots. With new and futuristic heavy duty weapons and gr, zoom control, melee attacks and dual wield capability with grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoon themed cross between Soldat and Halo.

Mini Militia Cheats – Chat Codes

Chat Codes

You can enter the following codes in the chat room, but keep in mind that are case-sensitive:

  • Captain of the Army – Chat Code: duke
  • 7,000 Battle Points – Chat Code: gummy bear
  • No Reloading – Chat Code: tootsie pop

Chat Commands

  • GG: Good Game
  • GM: Oh, They got me!
  • NS: Nice Shot
  • WP: You wanna piece of me!
  • NM: No (Opponents wiew)
  • GS: get some
  • LG:lets go,yea
  • BI: bring it
  • RU: ready up
  • HH: hoo ya
  • CB: come on boy
  • CM: cover me
  • NNOOOOOOO: noooooooooooo
  • MO: move out

Mini Militia Cheats – Developer Codes

These cheats work only with the Developer Preview of the game

  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Weapon Upgrade – WU-MN45789

Mini Militia Cheats – Free Weapons

This cheat only works for private levels:

Mini Militia Open & Close > Press for a second > Dowload again the app > Chat Room > finally type: /uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr?//! – Reward: AK 46, Bazooka, Sniper, MI6, Caliber, and also 10 Granades

Mini Militia Cheats – Mods

There are tons of Mods to cheat in Mini Militia, but these are the best you can find:

Unlimited Ammo Mod

Do you want to have unlimited ammo? you need a Mod, and you can download it here

Unlimited Nitro Mod – Jetpack

Do you want to have unlimited Nitro – Jetpack? you need a Mod, and you can also download it, here

Unlimited Health Mod

Do you want to have unlimited Health? you need a Mod, and you can also download it, here

God Mod

Do you want to have the God Mod? you need a Mod, and you can also download it, here

MOD – Unlimited ammo, nitro and bombs with pro pack

wanted to have the all the cheats together? Take a look at this video from youtuber Supercell: