Dell inspiron 15 3000 vs lenovo ideapad 330

In This post we will comapre Dell inspiron 15 3000 vs Lenovo IdeaPad 330

Technical Specifications

ProductDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Operating system
Windows 10 Home (S mode) 64-bit, EnglishWindows 10 Home 64
Windows 10 Home 64-bit English
Processor and graphicsDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Intel® Celeron® Processor 4205U (2MB Cache, 1.8 GHz)
Intel® UHD Graphics 610
7th Generation Intel® Core i3-7020U Processor (2.30GHz 3MB)

Integrated Intel® HD 620 Graphics
Integrated Intel® UHD 620 Graphics
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 2 GB
Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor 5405U (2MB Cache, 2.3 GHz)
Intel® UHD Graphics 610
Up to 8th Generation Intel® Core i5-8300H Processor (2.30GHz, up to 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost, 8MB Cache)
DisplayDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Non-touch Display15.6″ HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare
15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) Anti-Glare
15.6″ HD (1366 x 768) Glossy Multi-touch
MemoryDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
4 GB, 1 x 4 GB, DDR4, 2666 MHz8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
6 GB DDR4 2133 MHz
StorageDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
128GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive1 TB 5400 RPM HDD
1 TB 5400 RPM 2.5-inch SATA Hard Drive
Office softwareDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
No Microsoft Office License Included 30 day Trial Offer Only
Primary batteryDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
3-Cell, 42 WHr, Integrated battery

KeyboardDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Standard full size spill-resistant keyboard
10-key numeric keypad
TouchpadMulti-touch gesture-enabled precision touchpad with integrated scrollingyes
Wireless technologyDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Qualcomm® DW1810, 1 x 1, 802.11ac with Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.1ds)
Up to 802.11 AC (2 x 2) + Bluetooth® 4.1
AudioDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
2 tuned speakers with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro
1 combo headphone / microphone jack

2 x 2 W speakers with Dolby Audio™
External I/O PortsDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
2 SuperSpeed USB Type-C® 5Gbps signaling rate 1 x SD Card Reader
1 x USB 2.0
1 x Wedge-Shaped Lock Slot
1 x Power
1 x HDMI 1.4b
1 x RJ45
2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
1 x Headphone & Microphone Audio Jack
USB Type-C 3.1**
2 x USB 3.0**
4-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)
Audio jack
RJ45 Ethernet
Dimensions (W X D X H) and WeightDell inspiron 15 3000Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Height: 0.78″ (19.9 mm) x Width: 14.96″ (380.0 mm) x Depth: 10.16″ (258.0 mm)
Weight: 4.48 lbs (2.03 Kg)i
14.1″ x 10.2″ x 0.9″ / 378 x 260 x 22.9 (mm)
Starting at 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg)

Expert Review

Dell inspiron 15 3000

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000’s solid construction and good battery life are overshadowed by its slow performance, dim display and uncomfortable keyboard.

The Inspiron 15 (3558) is a fully functional, well-made laptop with good speed and a low price point. It’s not packed with features and keeps things simple, but for $329, it’s not missing anything essential. Its newer processor provides a noticeable bump up in performance over the Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series Non-Touch’s CPU, and it boasts superior battery life and double the storage. You’re getting a smaller screen, but that’s really the only downside, and increased portability may be preferable to some. For these reasons, the Dell Inspiron 15 (3558) is our new Editors’ Choice budget desktop-replacement laptop. For a smaller and less expensive alternative, the $180 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series (3162) is well worth a look.

To sum it up, the Inspiron 3000 comes with 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of internal storage and a pretty powerful dual-core Intel i3 processor. And the best part, it has one of prettiest designs of the mid-range market. If you want to know more about it, then walk with us as we review the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with it’s pros and cons to help you decide if it’s worth your money.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330

The IdeaPad 330 is an ultra-affordable laptop with a large, 15.6-inch display, a good keyboard, and a solid, durable chassis. That might be enough for some folks, but the IdeaPad 330 has too many shortcomings – including short battery life, a dull display, and below-par performance – for it to earn our outright recommendation.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 stands out in the budget category for its build quality that’s more attractive and solid than many notebooks in this price range. Also, it’s thinner and lighter than many of them, and well-equipped with excellent connectivity. Unfortunately, the battery life holds it from truly standing out. If you don’t mind carrying around your adapter, this IdeaPad is an excellent buy.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S145 is a good option at the budget end of the market, and in the main, it cuts the right corners, maintaining a decent enough build quality for a cheap The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 shows how the company succeeds in its primary goal of making a 15-inch laptop that’s remarkably light, and they did so for a very affordable price that deep into budget territory. And for the most part, the IdeaPad 330 is a perfectly useful notebook – it offers solid productivity performance and its display is good even if it’s falling behind the curve. But its battery life which is a result of that quest for the affordable crown isn’t just up to snuff.

Detailed Review


Dell Inspiron 15 3000

This laptop from Dell 3000 series we purchased this from Best Buy for around $400 and it comes to carpet bugs nothing Pacific and inside come with the laptop. Inside lap other cells two pieces set adapter self-course manual how to set up a computer. This laptop gets loaded up very fast nothing specific a state under 10 wool AC charger probably this laptop became just a little bit juice in it hopefully so didn’t have to plug it in. This laptop 3000 series is a touch screen and also as an aspect is open up like more than 90 degrees so if you look from the side it comes with USB SD card reader a lock from the other side come with a jack charger HDMI for LAN and 23.1 USB type 3 first-gen and the jack for a hit song.

Lenovo Ideapad 330

Lenovo Idea Pad 330 is the non-S model which means this is not the 330 years but this is the 330. The difference between this and the 330 is this is a lot fatter this is a lot heavier as well and it’s got a plastic body that’s how we know the difference. Anyhow, we like what we see on the outside but let’s see what’s good on the inside well coming to the build and design of the Idea Pad 330 it looks a lot similar to the more expensive Idea Pad 330. But it’s a lot different from it if you examine it closely the body is made wholly of plastic but the matte-like finish on the lid does what it can to look metallic. The surface of the lid and the base flex is considerably under pressure if you try and press it and hold it well that’s quite sad but what can you do at 2.1 kilograms.


Dell Inspiron 15 3000

This has an internal battery so the battery is built-in inside and the weight of this is around 2 kilos in 20 grams and impound is for pound and eighty-three ounces. This has a COMSAT engine CPU. There is the camera on top of the laptop we can’t see exactly how long it takes to boot up and already connected to the power because it was that completely sooner than two-three it’s booting up. There is a CPU of I three T enjin and eight gig memory 128G SSD drive plus one terabyte hard drive and until UHD graphic card it comes separately. This has a 15.6 inch HD touchscreen display with a webcam and the model number is 3 593 3000 series. This comes with a 1-year warranty through the manufacturer. Dell is one of the favorite laptops so far because is easy to work with hardware is reliable and you can rely on and relegate. This laptop charge good he was dead completely and around like maybe ten minutes went up to 63% from the ten-fifteen sixty-three percent from zero that’s very impressive.

Lenovo Ideapad 330

The laptop feels fairly heavy to lift and carry around but it’s not a big bother once you get used to it tapping hard on the keyboard also reveals some unnecessary flex but again it’s a plastic body. The surface around the keyboard is of the same color as the lid and has a brushed texture that looks rather decent around the sides of the display. There is a thick black bezel and on the surface of the lid a big Lenovo logo the display folds back to a good 180 degrees. This is a really useful feature when you’re working let’s say on your bed or a sofa with your legs crossed the Lenovo Idea Pad 330 comes with two 14-inch display options a non-IPS LCD panel with an HD resolution and an IPS LCD panel with a Full HD resolution. This model only got the non-IPS HD display but its performance was quite decent.


Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Dell Inspiron 15 3000has got max audio true-life display wireless plus Bluetooth HDMI built-in DVD drive and a15.6 inch HD display. Another thing we would like to say is that the audio quality from this laptop is not that great and it doesn’t come with a VGA port. So, if you want to use the VGA port you need to buy HDMI to VGA port adapter. This laptop is a very minimalistic laptop with no graphic card and it doesn’t come with a genuine Windows copy. This has a webcam indicator and a mic and one thing is it doesn’t have that power on indicator or hard disk activity indicator it doesn’t have those indicators so it’s very hard to tell that whether your laptop is turned on or turned off. So to know whether the laptop is turned on we will use the caps lock LED as a power LED. The white LED has turned upon indicating that the laptop is currently turned on. We need to be super careful when we will be entering password because the caps lock is turned on it’s such a shame that this particular Dell model doesn’t have those power LEDs or HDD activity indicators. This laptop came with a Windows10 operating system and we didn’t like that Windows 10 so again came back to Windows 7 and find the driver for Windows 7 was very difficult and at last, we installed every driver and everything is working perfectly.

Lenovo Ideapad 330

The brightness of the screen was good for indoor use but not so much for outdoor use. We didn’t like the display of this laptop was the always look washed out and the text always. The grainy audio output through the tiny inbuilt speakers is clear but feeble. The speakers are good enough for plain vocals inside a quiet medium-sized conference room but nothing more than that ports on the Idea Pad 330 is a bit of a let-down it has all the ports lined up on just one side of its body. On the left side, it’s got a power port a LAN port an HDMI port 2 full-size USB ports a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a card reader slot. All the other sides of the laptop are completely bare that is of course if you look at just the right side which has a plastic lid for where you should be seeing an optional DVD drive coming to the keyboard and touchpad we see no dedicated keys for home end page up and page down functions. That’s alright because a lot of laptops don’t have them anywhere the keys on the keyboard look flat and fitted shallow but are decent for everyday typing that’s it. We still wouldn’t recommend this if you’re going to be doing a lot of typing at work in the dark you might find yourself straining your eyes to discern the keys as this keyboard has no backlighting at all.


Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Let’s see the specification of this laptop it comes with the Intel Core i3 which is clocked at 1.7 gigahertz and it has got ddr3 4gbRAM and one terabyte of the hard disk drive. On the left side of the laptop it has the charging port hot air vent and here is the HDMI port it is the Ethernet port and there is the USB plus port and USB SS. It has a microphone slash headphone jack. The USB plus port is nothing but USB plus power which can deliver a high amount of power and USBSS is nothing but USB SuperSpeed which is a 3.0 port. On the front side of the laptop, there is a power indicator as well as a battery charger indicator this will turn off when the battery is fully charged and it will also turn on for 3 seconds. When you press the power button on the left side we have this SD card slot another USB plus port and is the DVD drive and at the top.

Lenovo Ideapad 330

The touchpad on the Idea Pad 330 sadly is not a precision unit and then it offers no additional touchpad utility to tweak the settings for taps and swipes so you may not be able to change actions of a double tap or a triple tap using just Windows. The click buttons on the bottom half of the touchpad are easy enough to press. The performance on the Lenovo Idea Pad 330 can only be termed disappointingly slow the laptop has as even generation AMD e to 9,000 APU so gigabytes of RAM one terabyte of hard drive space and an integrated AMD GPU. The laptop took over two minutes and five seconds to boot up completely to the desktop Google Chrome took over 28 seconds to launch for the first time and about six seconds subsequently the stock mini took about two seconds to appear almost every single time we press the start button browsing of the area pad 3:30 was a frustrating experience even with only six tabs open every single tab kept reloading its regularly we noticed some lag in the audio playback. But the laptop was able to play full HD videos on YouTube fairly well as far as battery life goes. The Lenovo Idea Pad 330 lasted 153 minutes on a single film charge during benchmark tests which is a good sign because it’s called seven minutes more than what the costlier Idea Pad 330s managed. With daily usage of this laptop lasts about three and a decent half-hour but again not quite up there all things considered we can’t say we are very impressed with the LenovoIdea Pad 330 because the touchpad is decent, the keyboard is decent as well the display is middling but otherwise, performance on this thing is just quite disappointing do not even try gaming on this thing.


Compared to Dell Inspiron 15 3000 and Lenovo Idea pad 330, we found Lenovo Idea pad 330 is better. Laptops are not cheap by any standards finding one with the right balance of performance Portability and price can be a real challenge sometimes usually you end up sacrificing premium elements to reduce costs but what Lenovo has done what the idea of had is really interesting. This is a working man’s laptop there is no doubt that it’s got a minimal inconspicuous design that is perfect for a professional you can take the Idea Pad to meetings you can do things like writing email stream video decoding anything that you might need to do in a professional context can be done using the Idea Pad. Surprisingly considering how cheap this laptop can be they didn’t sacrifice on the build quality whatsoever so it’s got a really firm rigid chassis. It’s plastic but there’s no flex anyway not even by the keyboard. The keyboard is one of the more premium elements on the Idea Pad 330 so it’s got a surprisingly tactile response and a nice granite finish to the keycaps which just makes it nice to type on. If you bought this laptop you would predominantly be typing on it. The trackpad is perfectly usable but the surface isn’t that smooth and the clicks sometimes feel a little bit hollow but it’s perfectly usable and we are happy with it. At this price point, there is a minimal port selection on the Idea Pad but you have to remember this laptop is all about functionality right so they give everything you might need in a professional context. This has got two USB 3’s a USB C which is a nice addition and then on top of that it has HDMI Ethernet and a headphone /my track so if you were working with this laptop you would be covered on the port stations.