X4 Foundations Money Cheat

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In this post we will guide you to the the steps to become as rich as you want in the game, without hacks or mods.

X4 Foundations Money Cheat – A Cheat?

It’s just an editable file where you can choose how much money do you want in the game. So you just need to type how much money you want. But the main question is where is the file and what i need to do?

X4 Foundations Money Cheat – Steps

Be as rich as you want following this easy steps:

1- Find the Save File: Documents > EgoSoft > X4 > # File > Save File

2- Open the Save File with Notepad and edit the following lines (use CTRL + F if you dont find any of them, and type allways the same value) read more

Best X4 Foundations Mods

X4: Foundations Massive Update Shows a Leap in the Right Direction

Best X4 Foundations Mods

Waiting is one if the best part in the game whether it’s waiting for your pilot to arrive at a certain sector, or waiting before your auto-trading and auto-mining ships complete their missions and finally give you some cash. But if you don’t want to spend all of your time in wasting and want to play the actual game you can always install few fan-made modifications.

In this post you will find the best X4 Foundations Mods which will increase your gaming experience without any doubt.

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Sector Satellites

This mode especially build for auto trading, This mode allows your satellite offer prices not just for one station but for all stations in a sector. By using this you can save more time and money. In addition your satellite  will be able to intercept secret missions and other hidden data. read more

SimAirport Money Cheat

SimAirport on Steam

In this post we will provide you all the necessary steps to to become as rich as you want in the game.

SimAirport Money Cheat – A Cheat?

Don’t what we are providing you isn’t illegal it is just a easy trick,  you just have to edit the airport save file.

1- Open the game and you can check how much money you have (top of the screen)

2- Save your airport and click the circle button you will find in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3- Open the airport save file with notepad (text editor). The name of the file is nameofyourairport.airport, is an AIRPORT File Type and you will find it in the “SavesDir” folder. read more

Project Hospital Money Cheat

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In this post will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

Project Hospital Money Cheat

We are going to show you easy trick,  You just have to edit the save file and you will be as rich as you want:

Project Hospital Money Cheat – Edit Save File

Find & edit the save file following this steps:

1- First you need to find it. It is located in the LocalLow Folder, to find it copy and paste this line in your File Manager:  “%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Oxymoron Games\Project Hospital\maps” (without ” “)

2- Once there look for the *.zip file. First create a backup copy of the complete .zip file, and then open it and extract the XML file to your desktop. read more

American Truck Simulator Money Cheat

American Truck Simulator on Steam

  In this post will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

American Truck Simulator Money Cheat – Enable Console

If you don’t know how to enable console then follow this steps.

  1. Look for the config file,you can find it in: Users\Username\Documents\American Truck Simulator
  2. Open it with a text editor, for example notepad and change to values:
  3. uset g_developer from 0 to 1
  4. uset g_console from 0 to 1
  5. Save the file and close it

Now the console should be enabled, and you can proceed with the money cheat.

American Truck Simulator Money Cheat – Steps

Start the game and find a rest area. There open the console by pressing ~ or # and type “g_set_time x” (without ” “).

As you will see the game will jump to 12:00 am (next day), but you will be tired, so you need to rest. You can rest 3 times, and the you can repeat the g_set_time x cheat. And of course you can repeat it as many times as you want. read more

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat

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 In this post will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat – a Cheat?

Don’t worry what we are going to show you isn’t illegal, You just need to edit one file, and it wont take you more than 5 minutes to be as rich as you want.

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat – Steps

You just need to find the file and the line to edit inside the file:

1- Start the game, create one Carrier game (if you already have one, dont create anything, and close the game

2- Look for the file careerSavegame.xml in C:\Users\{NAME}\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017\savegame{1-100} read more

Farming Simulator 19 Money Cheat

Farming Simulator 19

In order to improve and grow your farm, Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European environments and will introduce many exciting new farming activities, including new machinery and cotton and oat crops! Tend your pigs, cows , sheep, and chickens to your livestock or ride your horses for the first time, letting you experience the vast land around your farm in a brand-new way.

In this post will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

Farming Simulator 19 Money Cheat – a Cheat?

If you are worried about getting banned then don’t worry about it because what we are going to show you is just a trick and it’s not bannable, You just need to edit one of the game´s files and you will be rich in the game: read more

XCOM 2 Cheats – Console Commands

XCOM 2 | PC Steam Game | Fanatical

In this post we will provide you with all the cheats available in the game, including technologies, items, resources, God Mode…

XCOM 2 Cheats – Enable Console

Type -allowconsole -log -autodebug in the XCOM 2´s launch options. While playing just press ~ to open the console and type the console command or cheat you want:

XCOM 2 Cheats – General Commands

  • No Damage – TakeNoDamage: Only No Damage
  • God Mode – PowerUp: No Damage but also infinite ammo and no reload required
  • Force Critical Hits – ForceCritHits:
  • Reveal the map – Togglefow: But enemies remain hidden
  • Restart level – RestartLevel:
  • Heal All Soldiers – HealAllSoldiers: But only in Avenger
  • Level Up Barrack – LevelUpBarracks X: Instead of X type the number of levels you want to level up
  • Infinite AP – ToggleUnlimitedActions: But for enemy AI also
  • Skip AI – Skip AI
  • Hide Squad –ToggleSquadConcealment: But enemy still alerted
  • Teleport to cursor – TTC: But just the selected unit
  • Teleport all to cursor – TATC: But all the units
  • Give Technology –GiveTech [Tech Name]

XCOM 2 Cheats – Characters Commands

You can create soldiers, change their classes and also improve them:

  • Change Soldier Class – MakeSoldierAClass [name] [Classname], where [name] us the soldier´s name and [classname] could be: Rookie, Ranger, Sharpshooter, Grenadier Specialist, PsiOperative
  • Give Scientist – GiveScientist X, where X is the quantity
  • Give Engineer – GiveEngineer X, where X is the quantity

XCOM 2 Cheats – Config File

We can also change several things from the config file:

  • Max number of soldiers per mission: Change MaxSoldiersOnMission in the file DefaultGameData.ini
  • Max number of enemies per mission: Change MaxSSpawnCount in the file DefaultMissions.ini
  • Enemies Health: Change CharacterBaseStats in the file DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini
  • Allowed Weapons: Change AllowedWeapons in the file DefaultClassData.ini
  • Damage, Radio, Weapons stats: Change the file DefaultGameData_WeaponData.ini
  • Soldier´s skills: Change the file DefaultGameData_SoldierSkills.ini

Tech Names

There are several Tech Names, and we divide them in:


  • giveresource supplies XXXXX
  • giveresource AlienAlloy XXXX
  • giveresource EleriumDust XXXX (=Elerium Crystals)
  • giveresource Intel XXXX
  • giveengineer 100 (one good Engineer)
  • givescientist 100 (one good Sscientist)
  • GiveFacility OTS
  • GiveFacility Foundry
  • GiveFacility PsiLabs
  • GiveFacility EleriumGenerator

Corpses: (only works if you have at least one) read more

The Forest Cheats – Console Commands

The Forest (Video Game 2018) - IMDb

There are so many cheat codes and console commands that can mess with practically everything in the game’s code, Like You can activate anything from a god mode to an iron man-type mode that deletes your save data when you die.

There some codes in the game that require the game to be put into developer mode before they can work but there are also some codes that can be used without putting game in to developers mode.

The Forest Cheats – How to enable console commands?

Type developermodeon in the main menu, then press F1 and the console will be activated. Now you can type all the console commands we are going to provide you: read more

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats – Console Commands

Hands-On: Left 4 Dead 2 Mutates With The Passing | WIRED

In this post we will provide you with all the cheats available in the game, including shortcuts, instant kills, bunny hope, and more.

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats – How to enable cheats?

You just need to enable the cheats in the console and choose the command or cheat to use:

Main Menu > Options > Keyboard / Mouse > Allow Developers Console. While playing press “~” to display the console, type Sv_Cheats 1, press Enter, type one of the cheats provided below and press Enter again to activate it.

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats – Maps

Dead Center:

  • hotel: map c1m1_hotel
  • streets: map c1m2_streets
  • mall: map c1m3_mall
  • atrium: map c1m4_atrium

Dark Carnival:

  • highway: map c2m1_highway
  • fairgrounds: map c2m2_fairgrounds
  • coaster: map c2m3_coaster
  • barns: map c2m4_barns
  • concert: map c2m5_concert

Swamp Fever:

  • plankcountry: map c3m1_plankcountry
  • swamp: map c3m2_swamp
  • por shantytown: map c3m3_shantytown
  • plantation: map c3m4_plantation

Hard Rain: read more